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 1. Cookies

Cookies are small data files that websites can write to your hard drive when you visit them. Once written, the cookie can only be accessed by the site that originally created it. Our site uses cookies to store personal site preferences, session information, and ordering information specific to you.

2. Membership

There are three types of ACRA site users:

  • the simple visitor have access to the content available to the general public; these users are not registered on the site and will not receive information by email and sms are eviadas regularly by ACRA;
  • registered user have access content that is not accessible to the public; this user also receives e-mails sent by ACRA with news and important messages to consumers in general and have access to the ACRA blog and all its sections interacting with the moderator and other users;
  • the ACRA's membrsehips, with paied dues, have access to all contents availables on the site and will receive emails and sms's that ACRA regularly sends to spare important content to consumers and associates, including our Newsletter. The membership that overdue fees, will be for the those purposes, treated as a registered user.

We collect customer contact information from the registration form. We will never provide or sell any information to third parties.
This information can be used:

  • to send news, information about our activities and general promotional material which may be useful to consumers;
  • to monitor who is accessing the restricted sections of our site.
  • to improve our site and services.
  • to monitor our site performances.

3. Payment Security

All online transactions through our website are handled with industry-standard encryption through the Paypal. We do not keep any information from your bank account or credit cards.

4. Disclaimer

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